Restore Purchases Error

Hello there, long time
no see.

I recently had the urge to see how IF developed itself, for the old times sake, redownloaded the app and tried to download my old purchases. Somehow, however, only part of my purchases got reinstated. A320s and Dash 8 seem to be missing. (I’m currently trying to find my receits, but they are so far back it proves to be difficult). As a side note: I used to have a live+ subscription when I bought the planes (I’m not exactly sure how I did it, but I wanted to buy them so I’d keep them for after the live subscription), but currently this is not an option because I literally can’t afford it (nor do I really want to).

Maybe one of you can help me.

I don’t think you can purchase any aircrafts anymore. You can unlock them all by purchasing any of their pro subscription deals.

I used a buy a Boeing 787-8 once before Global update and my aircraft soon went missing too.

As a small updated: I went through my purchase history, (man did I waste money on some rubbish stuff!), but I couldn’t locate a purchase receipt for the planes in question. I suppose the purchase never went through… As mentioned by Kuba, it seems to be not possible to purchase any single planes anymore?

I guess this concludes the support request as I can’t produce any proof of the purchase at this time. I’d still be happy if somebody could check it out and maybe you’ll find something on your end?

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A lot of things changed since you must have been gone. I don’t think you can get a refund whatsoever. Like, I didn’t.

But having this aside, you can either use the current ‘free’ aircrafts on the list, or purchasing any Infinite Flight Pro subscription to unlock ‘all’ aircrafts on the list. Hope this helps.

I’m aware of my options, thank you.
I wasn’t going for a refund, but I actually just wanted to access the planes again. It seems to me that this is impossible unless a staff member chimes in. So it doesn’t really help, but thanks nontheless.
I won’t be buying a pro subscription for the one flights a year I reinstall IF for.

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