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Hello! I’m having a problem which is that i’ve bought a few planes in both seperate account. So the problem now is that it seems that i cant get the other planes that ive bought on the other account? Last time, ive done it before where it would work when i log in both accounts and ill get both planes that ive bought in seperate accounts. But now I cant? Is yhere a way to fix it? Im currently using a note 9

If you have bought planes on both accounts - there is I believe no way to get all the purchases onto one account given they were on different email addresses.

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I think he was hoping you would be able to merge the accounts in some way 🤷

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You cannot “merge” purchases which are made on two different accounts. I believe this is a limitation of both Google Play and the App Store. It’s for the same reason you cannot transfer bought planes and regions from Apple to Android and vice versa (in addition to them being competitors and it’s in their interest for you to purchase them again).


Okay, as it seem to be so very unclear.

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… and to answer the original question:

There is no correct way of doing this. Your purchases are as others mentioned, directly tied to the account they were purchased on. Being signed into several accounts on one device does not help in this case.

Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. It’s like flipping a 20 sided coin where the desired result is only available on one of the sides.

Both Play Store & App Store are designed to be used with one account, so that’s how the purchase flow works. Adding additional accounts to the equation is therefore not recommended at any point.


Oh no, but the thing is last time i used to be able to like link the planes ive bought on 2 different account, but i cant do it now… did the developers changed something?

We haven’t changed anything. All purchases are handled by the stores.
The app just checks what’s found in the store and unlocks it.

It is more likely that Google have changed something in Play Store actually.


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