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I had a 737-800 and a 787 but because of the update my planes are gone, so I uninstalled the game because I tought it was a glitch and I didn’t have to pay again. But then I saw that I had to pay so I did it, then I still didn’t see the restore purchase button, what do I do to get them back???

I’m pretty sure the “restore purchases” button is in the same place you can purchase a Live subscription. Check there.

Do you currently have a subscription?

Marked the box for you. Tap Fly Solo > Aircraft icon on the bottom left and then refer to the screenshot.

I did that but I dont have a restore purchase button, I think its because I uninstalled

Are you signed in to your account?

No, but do you need a subscription to restore?

That’s your problem. You need to be signed into your account. You can’t restore purchases without an account.

No no no.
In-app purchases are tied to the account in Play Store. It has nothing to do with the account in Infinite Flight.

@Veer_Thethi - are you sure you are using the same account in Play Store as you were when originally purchasing the items?

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But i dont have a subscription, and I paid infinite flight with my mom PayPal

As i said, it’s got nothing do with sub or not.
It’s got to do with the Google account used in Play Store.

But I used my mom’s card to pay on my Google account ,so what do I do next?

Payment method is irrelevant.
Can you find these purchases in your order history for the account you are currently signed in with in Play Store?

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Yes, it says that I paid €1,09 in 8/23/19

That was for the app then.
So you must have changed account in Google Play Store to a different one than originally used, therefore you do not have access to your previously purchased aircraft.

So I can’t get my planes back right?

Not unless you change back to the Google account used when originally purchased them. There’s no way for Play Store to identify you as the same person who purchased them if you change the account.

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