Restore purchase

Hello, I purchased infinite flight in February 2013. I can not restore the app now. How can I do that? Or do I have to re buy it?

Which device are you using?

Device and operating system?

If there is something wrong with the app store not letting you restore the app, your best bet is to conctact costumer support (iTunes support). Tell them your problem by sending them an email or doing the live chat.

Good luck!

I have found something that might work if you are using IOS

Just make sure that you are using the same ID that you used to purchase the app with.

Ensure you are using the same account. If you are a member of a family account - ensure you are viewing the purchases of the entire family deal and not just your own purchases - that always catches me out. If the problem persists - restart your device, log in/ log out of your account and if you are still unable - contact the support of your respective OS. This is not really an IF issue but one of your Operating System provider.

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