Restore Aircraft.

Please can you the aircraft’s I bought? I downloaded infinite flight from Amazon, but could not continue flying because of lack of updates. I now have the updated sim which is awesome, but I bought the Airbus 320, Boeing 777-200ER…Boeing 757 and the Airbus 340 from the first (Amazon) download. Please can you restore these aircraft’s since am still using the same phone( android)?

Did you purchase them on the same account?

Yes I did.

If you have installed the app from Amazon then all purchases made on that account can only be used on the device with the same account and app installed.
If you try to transfer a purchase made from Amazon to a GooglePlay copy, it won’t work. The stores won’t allow it. It’s basically asking them to transfer their sales and profits to their competitor. :) they don’t like that.
Sorry, I wish I had better news.

If there is more to this, please let me know. Cheers.

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oh yes, right. I should have done that too. My bad.

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Well, I guess that’s it then…thanks guys.

Hello guys. I reinstall my infinite flight in my samsung galaxy phone and i purchased a lot of aircraft here. Now the aircrafts i purchased is gone? And i have to purchase it again? How to restore those aircraft i purchase? Please help thanks

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