Restore account atc iTunes

Good afternoon, gentlemen.
I cordially communicate that I have the Infinite Fligth Pro subscription, which I bought through the Itunes Store. I reported that the control tower was without audio, I tried to exit the program and when I tried to log in I did not do it because it does not recognize my itunes store account. I am very concerned about my flight times and other data recorded in the program that were deleted when I restarted my account.
I would like support to restore my account that is valid until December 08, 2017.
Thank you!

Hi there,

Thank you for contacting support! Sounds like your log book was erased after you had some troubles communicating with Air Traffic Control if I’m not mistaken? Have no fear as all of your stats are saved to the server every few minutes.

Are you having trouble accessing the servers now? If so please provide your device name and model, device operating system and the presently installed build of the Infinite Flight app.

Some helpful tips:
-Make you have a strong and stable internet connection.
-Sometimes a simple restart of your device and app help resolve this.
-Ensure that all background apps are closed prior to launching Infinite Flight.

Kind Regards