Restarting account

I want to reset my infinite flight account and start from scratch, (aka back to grade 1 with zero hours, landings etc.) How do i go about doing that?

Make a new account is the only way i think


But tell it to mod, making duplicate accounts isn’t allowed

Wrong. You can have as many Infinite Flight accounts as you want - a lot of people have more than 1, including me. But you can’t have more than one IFC account.

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so how do i go about deleting my ifc account

I don’t think you can necessarily “delete” your IF account to start over from square 1, like you could with a social media account, but the way it happened to me was my subscription lapsed, I purchased another one, and I had a whole new account with nothing. No landings, zero flight hours, no XP, nada.

I could be wrong though, there might be a way to delete your account. I’m going off of events that are almost 4 years old now.

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