Rest in peace South African up in Airline heaven along with my beloved TWA

Today we received awful but expected news that South African Airways is now deceased. They will be missed. Please fill out this poll

Will you miss them?

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  • No

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Have you flown with them?

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Here is a press release stating the info

Let’s keep out thoughts with the 10000 that will lose their job

There’s already a topic about SAA, please keep all this there…

This is seperate a Q&A

We’ll see what the moderators say, but I’d be willing to bet they’ll say the same and say to take it all over here

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If it’s a poll, feel free to continue in the thread that @KPIT linked or this thread: Would You Rather: Real World Edition

I dont understand what you are trying to say

It wasn’t in response too you don’t worry :)


Continue in existing topic.