Responsive Carousel Galleries (forum feature request)

I was browsing Discourse Meta and came across this feature that I think would help organise photographs much better, especially in topics such as the Community Members Spotted on Live topic. If you click on the link provided below and watch the video, you’ll be able to see that it’s almost like a slide show, nice and neat. All that’s left is to give a short list captioning the photos.

What benefits could this add around the forum?

Let’s start with the #live:va category. This now opens up the possibility for virtual airlines to be able to feature a short slideshow of photos in their official threads. It’s neat, organised, and professional. A huge bonus for them in my opinion.

Let’s move on to the #general category. Here we have the ever famous “Best Infinite Flight Photos” Topic. This feature now opens up the ability for users to make a slideshow of sorts for their photos when they have multiple uploads. This now makes things look more organised, clean, and, most importantly, easier to read whenever people have something to say. We can also apply the same benefits and concept to the #live category, home of the “Community Members Spotted on Live” topic.

Next up is the #real-world-aviation:spotting category. This opens up the ability to do exactly as I had described while introducing this topic. Users make a slideshow and can simply make a short list captioning their finds. Just like all the others, it’s neat, organised, and easier to read wherever someone has something to say.

I’m interested to hear everyone’s thoughts on this feature request for the forum. Let’s talk about it!


I feel like people barely have a attention span to look at a single photo… A slideshow probably wouldn’t work here.

It definitely is cool though and I wouldn’t mind it


I think that the Gallery/Carousel idea is excellent. I see this all of the time on sites especially the car dealer ones I keep looking at to figure out my next vehicle purchase which is real soon!

Hope the wife doesn’t find this post 😂

Look at that gem ☝️☝️☝️


I can see myself utilizing this for posting on the “best IF photos.” I’d implement a slideshow of some of the scenery as the flight goes on.

It would also be cool to see VA’s utilize this feature. Maybe VA events could have a quick slideshow for cool shots from a group flight, etc.

Interesting find.


Mid-life crisis or just a need a new car?


If 35 is a mid-life crisis and you have a crystal ball consider it true 😂


Well its not a Mustang so I’m gonna say a deserved reward and not a mid-life crisis, Getting back on topic I think that this would make for some pretty great #real-world-aviation posts and an easy way to showcase a lot of photos quickly in a thread like best IF photos.


We have discussed this a while back when there were slightly different add ons. I echo Chris here in saying I think that a better way of organising photos would be great to have. I’ll see what the ole bosses say!


@Nichalas_Petranek… MaxSez: Nich, excellent suggestion and an ideal vehicle. It’s been more than 2 year as I recall since a member recommended re-organization of the Forum Files which are sorely in need of attention. Re-Org of even the photo and Tutorial type files would be a major undertaking. Selecting a file medium like Galleries in the easy part.
Finding a willing volunteer member “Librarian” and staff is the hard part.
Not my place but I’ll ask; Any Takers?

(@Levet@MishaCamp… Please note @Nichalas_Petranek & @Balloonchaser have both graciously volunteered their services as the IF Voluntery Librarian)


Shoot… I’ll happily do it @Maxmustang


I’ll do it!! 🤷🏻‍♂️😂😜


This is a great idea. I think that would make things much neater.


We will have to discuss this with the Forum King. As you seen, me and Sparkles support this ;)


I damn near spit out my drink when I read this. This was just too funny.


Not totally sure, but I think the forum king is Philippe. I believe he does a lot of the BTS stuff here.


I’m gonna take a wild guess
First unicorn now this got any others?
Getting back on topic I think it is a great idea and I also feel that for 50,000 best IF photos topics there should be one single moderator one and you have to submit the pictures to the moderators and they will choose if it’s appropriate,worthy of best photos ( like not some random picture of them taxiing )
And possibly another thread where there could be a photo of the week/month contest and it would be a very similar idea to the last week and after somehow getting off topic again I feel like the gallery are a good idea of the within limits I don’t want to see more than maybe like five pictures in a gallery


@Levet and @MishaCamp

While we’re at it, can we add tiles as well?


Tiles seem like they’re more appropriate for portrait photos. I have yet to see many portrait photos shared on here.


Slideshow would be great for use with VA events. Very interesting ideas.

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This sounds like a very good idea, anything to reduce the amount of scrolling must be a bonus for any forum. I would love to see this feature come to this forum.