Responding to exit runway commands

When I was waiting for departure at TNCM on Advanced, a exit runway command was given to an aircraft, and the response was WilCo. After landing at TAPA I was also given an exit runway command and my response was Roger. Why is this? Is it a new update?


See this:

Good catch! 😉

Wilco is a more appropriate response than roger, taking us one step closer to that realism!


Awesome! I’m glad the ATC is getting updated.

Tip: Listen to a recent FlightCast that Tyler did for more new ATC stuffs.

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Isn’t wilco used to acknowledge an abort takeoff?

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This is a Great Question. Both Are used but in many different ways. Some I wrote are just a couple.

Usually Wilco Refers to that you will do what the controller says for example:
Controller: N80991 Give way to the Boeing 737 Taxiing North to South on Mike.
Aircraft: Wilco

Now Roger Usually refers to an acceptance to information.
Controller: N80991 Be advised Moderate Turbulance Reported at 10,000 Feet.
Aircraft: Roger


Can you say that in a different way? I don’t really know what you mean,

What does WilCo stand for? Will Cooperate?

You were close enough!

Actually, Will Comply. ;)

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Time will tell!


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