Responding to Approaches at KNUC

When I try to respond to ILS Approaches when controlling Approach at KNUC my iPad Mini (iOS9.2, latest IF update) crashes (shown below). It has happened three times:
I select KNUC (San Clemente) Approach:
I select ATC Playground:
A pilot requests an ILS/GPS Approach and I press Respond to ILS Approach Request (OLD):
I press ILS Approach:
IF crashes, my screen goes black (I snapped this just at the right time) and then back to the home screen:

How to reproduce:

  1. Select KNUC Approach (I’ve only tried this on ATC Playground and at this airport)
  2. Wait for someone to ask for an Approach
  3. Press Respond to ILS Approach Request
  4. Press ILS Approach
  5. Your device should crash

Help please!


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It comes up with ILS Approach anyway

Try to use 4 instead of the old one 3

Will do then

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This actually happened before the A320 update, when you selected ILS-23/24…

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This is not only specific to KNUC but also to other airports which only has GPS approaches. Whenever selecting an ILS approach from any of the two menu items the app crashes.

iPad Air 2

I have the same problem

Inslag said this and an otherone also said this so this is a duplicate topic

Was this fixed because it’s happening to me

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I’ve got the same

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This happens to me with every airport when I press ILS Approach (Old)!

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Ok, maybe I should update this later then