Responding to a frequency change request?

I’m new to being an atc and players keep requesting frequency change and i don’t know how to accept it. Can you tell me how to accept a frequency change?


First off, welcome to the community. Second, the command to approve frequency changes is under the “Contact Other Frequency” menu.

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Hi there! Frequency change is basically another way of saying to change from your current frequency to a different frequency, such as ground, approach, departure, tower or centre. If a user requests a frequency change, if I can remember from the top of my head, there is a section on the ATC menu called Frequency Menus which I will drop below…

Basically, you must transfer the user over to the correct frequency, unless they have requested taxi, which, they are already instructed to. If there is no departure or approach on frequency after departure, just send them Frequency changed approved.

If you would like to learn more about controlling and how it’s done in IF, I recommend the tutorials found under #atc. Lots of great information there.

Thank you very much

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You are most welcome.

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