"Respond to Approach Request (OLD)"?

When acting as ATC Approach controller, there is usually two options when responding to an approach request that appear in the command menu:

  • Respond to approach request
  • Respond to approach request (OLD)

(These were not taken word for word, this is from my memory)

What is the difference between the two? Sometimes when I click one of them it says “Runway XX closed, Expect vectors to runway XX” when I don’t intend for it to send that message. Any knowledge on this would be much appreciated :)

Use the newer one, the old one is just there because of users not updating I’d guess. Not totally sure on that point though.

I have seen old and new approach commands as approach controller before as well. Who knows?

Old (controller perspective):
(Callsign), expect vectors for the ILS approach Runway (number) at (airport name).

New (controller perspective):
(Callsign), maintain current altitude until established on the localizer, cleared ILS Runway (number) approach.

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Let’s make this clear

Old is there for some reasons, that’s for ILS approaches only

If you want GPS approach use the one without old

Note: The new one also has the ILS one in it so you can just forget about the old one

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