Respecting others on the forums.

The past week, I have seen some things on this forum. Stuff I haven’t seen in a long time. I’m not naming any names but I think everything is alright the way it is. Remember, there are people from all over the world. Most people speak English fluently but some people can’t. Instead of bashing them for grammar, help them out. Also, the mods are here to help, not to rule the forum. If they tell you something is wrong, they will tell you straight up. If I missed something, mods and regulars can edit this and everyone can comment below.


I would also say for users that make posts in another language, to not be rude and say “Use English!” Instead, remind them kindly to use English and maybe provide a translation to English


This even applies to fluent English speakers that make a few spelling errors here and there. No need to pick on them or tell the whole world, how about PM them and tell them kindly they have made a little error in their typing?

Could we also stop with these vague topic titles?


I know exactly what you’re referencing and you’re completely right. A reminder is definitely needed.

Then what do you want me to change it to?

100% agree. I’ve seen a thread recently where the 5 posts after the OP were just arguing about what category the topic should be in. Don’t clutter the thread with off topic meta things. Use pm or flag it so a mod takes care of it.


‘Grammar Errors’ or something like that. Or else when we search for a topic like this, it might not come up. Also, it can be misleading.

im not the best grammar user on the forum yet alone the best at English so when I see a spelling mistake or something that doesn’t make sense “to me” i make light out of it and joke around its sad to see people get bashed for it I try my bets to understand what they say and joke with them

And as a courtesy, please only notify someone once if their topic is a duplicate. In other words, if someone already notified that it was a duplicate, there’s no need to post below the exact same content. You don’t get any brownie points for doing so. The OP got the info and that’s it. Flag it, notify the mods, but posting it again makes you rub off as an a__, and it accomplishes nothing. The OPs anger in that topic was justified IMO

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Won’t be happening (bad stuff) anymore once I am back next week (properly) 😇


I know! It’s so annoying I got suspended it said I got “multiple warnings” but I got none :(

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Thanks for posting buddy couldn’t agree more. I think the most immature is being arrogant and smart towards brand new users. I don’t understand why people have to Attack them for things like making a duplicate thread, how dare they not read the T&Cs, because frankly how many times have your skipped over them Yourself? Exactly.

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