Respecting ATC

this may or may not be seen by the culprits but today I was flying on the training server (didn’t have the map for the most popular on tonight’s expert server)

And the below happened. Although atc was working well some pilots didn’t have he patience so as I was holding short, I was overtaken and overlapped. As well as seeing people take off from the taxiway and over the grass.

Please can all users make sure they respect ATC and be patient. I know it’s only a game but some of us enjoy the realism and don’t appreciate being overtaken :)


Speedbird 224.


It’s the training server. It’s a mad house on that server.


As said above you cannot really complain about the training server. If you want realism get the XP and fly expert. A good way to do this is touch and goes in with windy conditions

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Can’t really complain. The controllers sign up for this level of insanity. Kudos to them for sure but they took on the risk. Lol


I’m experiencing the same problems how much XP does it take to get to grade 3?

40K I believe but that can quite easily be managed in a weekend using the methods I said above