Respect Towards ATC

Hey everyone so today i was controlling Kalua Lumpur, and was tower and ground. Because I’m 12, (turning 13 in jan.) i can’t control on expert server. Which i personally dislike the rule, but understand its meaning. So i because there was not a lot of traffic i was using 32R for arriving planes, and 32L for departing aircraft. Because this is on TS, no one follows directions except those couple. So i had about 4-5 planes taxing to 32R i told them taxi to 32L they did not listen. So those who had switched over to tower, i had to switch them back over to ground, so they can taxi over to 32L. All but 1-2 aircraft followed my orders. The rest took it upon themselves to take off whenever, and caused many aircraft on final to have to go around.

my message: If the tower tells you to do something than you do it, same thing with ground or any controllers really. Especially if you are the plane one taxing to a certain runway, and the others are at a different runway ready for departure, and the ground is telling you to go there. THAN DO IT!!!


Is this post really going to make a difference? … No. Simply telling someone to follow instructions is a useless battle.


not necisarly there should be a way, as to where you can report or even ghost on ts, if you are a certain grade.

Ghosting on the training server would be horrific because you would never be able to fly on it again. Grade doesn’t reflect how much knowledge you know. It only shows how active you are. There are some grade 5 users that act like they just started flying and should be grade 2 or 3.

This is exactly why they have the 14 year age limit to join IFATC.


As much as I sincerely appreciate your message, it isn’t productive. And I say that only because it’s been said countless times I never the past and to no effect. Sorry bud.


Also, ghosting would not help.

We can do it on expert, yet we still have pilots that don’t want to listen


Imagine though the carnage that ghosting on training server would cause.

yes, but it would only stay like that for momentarily, maybe if your below the agree requirement for IFATC, then you can still take the test, but instead, of being able to control on expert, you can ghost on ts.

Yes, join IFATC for a realistic experience.