Respect Everyone On The IFC For Who They Are [Pride Month]

Hello. I Am Coming To All Of You. To Say This.

Please Make Sure To Look Out For Community Members / Staff And Respect Them.

We All Know That There Is A Lot Of Things Happening In This World Right Now. But Pride Is The Most Important One. So Again, Respect Infinite Flight Community Members And Staff. Please.
(I Get That This Is Not Really IF Related So Close This If You feel like it. But I still have my pride in me.)


It is rare I like a post on someones request but I could not agree more with you @juja!

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I respect everyone. But I don’t beleive in giving some people special treatment.


Yeah, I think this really sends an important message out. I have multiple friends who have done reveals and the response from their friends/family were not the one they were looking for. It really affects them as a person, and being a close friend to many of these people, they are still human beings and aren’t any different from you and I!

Please do treat them with respect, just like you would with any other person

Happy landings


You don’t give people special treatment you just treat them like a human being not like they are from mars. You know what I mean :)


I think his point is giving them a special month for pride, like how straight people don’t receive special recognition. I think. But I see your point, although Elon Musk is definitely from Mars.


You shouldn’t be respecting people just because they are of a certain gender, race, or sexuality. People should be respected if they are respectable people. Respect is earned, not just granted for something that you can’t control.


People Should Be Respected If They Are Any Sort Of Matter.


Exactly. Everyone deserves to be treated the same.

Exactly. Thats what I meant above


People should be treated based off of their actions as an individual, not over something they have no control over like race, gender, or sexuality.

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I agree…

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I think it is important that we should respect people for who they are and not what they do, what they like etc.

I highly respect you for posting something like this.



Is agree to disagree… I fully support the pride movement… There is always a but…

However, I definitely disagree with the statement “But Pride Is The Most Important One”. It is probably for you and others, but in my opinion it’s not…

And don’t really think that it appropriate to involve the BLM in this one…

Update: For example: While for you its pride month, for me its the month of the ending of slavery in the Caribbean… which is for me more important…


There are no comparisons of importance. Everyone deserves respect, dignity, a voice, and justice. All are welcome here on the IFC and I am sure everyone can agree that we respect that!