Respawn everyday at EGLL, KLAX, KSFO.

This is question to people who always Fly few major airports and not explore rest of the world. What stops you going for adventures scenic tour?

  • It’s main hub to many destinations
  • I know the airport inside out.
  • Gives real airport feel
  • Show off my flying skills
  • Learn from other pilots
  • Active ATC
  • Plane spotting
  • I’m a sheep (no offence)
  • I do fly many regions

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All of the above.


It’s because I want activity like I want to fly from la depart with planes parallel etc.

Especially on Expert server, because i choose “Active ATC” and almost all of them above . And yes, Plane spotting of course

I tend to do all my patterns at YMML simply because it’s a good airport for it. And I know it inside out.

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And this inspires me, now I wanna do small airports in China like Osaka
Or this one which I’m still wondering which one is it

I’m all of the above.

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