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Hey everyone. Today, I wanted to take my realism up a slight notch, and I wanted to park at the appropriate gate for my airline. How would I be able to find the right gate for my aircraft? Any online resources?

Thank you!


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Well you could check the airport website and find out from there. I personally zoom in to airports on LiveFlight or Google Maps and see which airlines are parked where (of course if the airline is there). Hope this could help.

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That’s a good idea. Don’t different gates support different aircraft however? An A320 couldn’t park at a 787 gate, right?


That is true, though in some international terminals, you could see a small plane at a larger gate.

And a basic hint,

Gates which are appropriate for midsize planes (B737, A320 etc) are usually fit for their whole body. If you put or think as if put them on the apron, you can see their wings are so close each other but can not exceed the line.

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FlightAware provides gate information for most flights.


This is what the interface will look like. I used flightaware for this particular flight earlier.


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