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Hello Goodnight !
Does anyone know of the person or with whom I can get a Crew Center for my airline?


What VA is it you need the crew center before?

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We have many talented & experienced community members with us in the community!

If you’re looking for specific staff members that have prior experience with the construction of Crew Centres, be sure to create a detailed post in the Prospective VA Staff Request Thread if your standards meet all the requirements listed below:


Also, if you want, DM me some details! I’d be happy to assist you if your having trouble!

I know that @KaiM can make them.

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I’ve seen topics about pre packaged crew centres you can potentially use.

I have to say any prospective VA should count at least one webmaster amongst their ranking structure.

One cannot underestimate the importance of a good website including a crew centre.

Perhaps others with experience in web design can help guide the OP through this delicate process.

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This is what I was looking for !!! can you give me details?

All the details are in the thread.

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