[Resource] FAA flight plates


For those interested in really preparing their flight in advance, you can find flight plates for any US airport here:

For example, if you search for KLAX then you can find the plate for RWY 25L here:

It will even provide you with the procedure when you want to execute a missed approach (climb 800ft, then turn left 190° & climb to 2000ft, holding pattern around CATLY).

Really interesting read for those interested.

PS: a great feature could be possibly to integrate the flight plates in the app, I don’t know if the FAA provides an api?


This is very useful. Thanks ((:

@lollip… Great Tip. The same data is available from 2 other sources which are similar to ForeFlt which are fee: FlightPlan.com & AirNav.com. I use/like Flight Plan best. Beside Flips it has Check lists for almost all IF airframes. Mad Max Sends

Thanks @Maxmustang very good resources as well !