Resolving Trust Level Questions

Lately I’ve noticed lots of posts asking about TL2 and why they have not become a member yet. I created this to try and quell all of these new topics asking the same question. [I’m not sure if this topic already exists, but I felt this subject needed a refresh if it did.]

Firstly, TL2 requirements as well as others have been raised to ensure that you are truly contributing to the community in a positive way. Don’t bother asking the mods for the new requirements as they will not tell you to ensure you don’t just rush up the trust level system. Secondly, it takes time. You may have double the standards it takes to reach the original TL2 standards, but there are many on this forum who have done much more than that before gaining membership. Finally, don’t worry about it! If you are an active member that regularly contributes and visits the IFC you’ll be there in no time at all!


Very well said, couldn’t have been said any better


I whole heartedly agree with your assessment on the recent spike in trust level inquiries however this very well may be a by-product of the most recent developments regarding the progress and phase change of FDS’s Global Update. If you were to search “Trust Levels” as I just did to refresh my mind with special regards to this scenario, you will find that the aforementioned topic of interest comes in sporadic waves. The moderation team as well as the Regular Members have been handling the recent influx of trust level requests rather well.


Thanks! Since I saw the flux in questions I figured reguardless it might be nice to have a refresher out there!

Well said, I’m new but I understand that nothings is handed to you. I’ll make sure to do my best to contribute to this community.

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I didn’t know it existed when i first joined the community and I’m a member :)

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Very, very, very well said.


I also noticed the flow of questions about TL2, and in fact, you clarified many doubts, thank you.

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Glad to here it helped! :)

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