I was the controller. Do you see the yellow plane directly under and slightly in front of you? He was on tower frequency and was already cleared to land. I tried to vector you to a different runway without effecting his final. You didn’t comply, I had no choice. You were interfering with another plane.


Ok I understand but I took off APPR and at the same time was trying to tell you ok and again within 40 or so sec you ghosted me I was trying it’s not like was ignoring you and never responded or tried

Yes, but you called inbound, requested frequency changed, called in again, didn’t follow the runway change. No big deal. You were way to close for a speed adjustment to separate for safe landing. It was really busy. If you’d like more information, please feel free to pm me and we can further discuss this. Thanks again!

And you have to be within 30° to activate APPR.

I was taking it off not trying to put it back on. And i was try to tell you ok then you asked for decent abd idk i guess it was a tad bit over whelming but its cool thanks for commenting so that we’d be on the same page

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No problem. If you ever have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

I guess I’m old fashioned and like flying approaches by hand with my finger on the Rudder and throttle

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how do you know when you are ghosted

A red message will pop up on the top of the sreen

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You could have always turned towards new heading, if you were too high too low and not ready just declare missed approach on your new runway heading, we don’t have Missed approach procedures in IF, so just wait for ATC call for right/left turning and you know what to do after that. Take it as new experience/learning. You’ll be bored if every day is same.

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I remember being ATC in playground at Saint Maarten (one runway!) and I told an f22 to hold short (I had already broadcasted expect delays) he waited about 30s and then kept spamming “your welcome” over and over until he took off without permission😄.

It’s pretty obvious that you were wrong.

It’s also pretty obvious that this convo and argument was over after the control responded on here. -Topic closed-

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PILOTS: Post of this nature should be addressed to the Controller involved by PM. Using an open post to resolve an ATC conflict draws Fly’s! Bystander “experts” are like Blue Bottles they have a tendency to jump in and confuse or complicate resolution. Lesson Learned Here: Have an ATC Conflict. ID the Controller involved by Name, Position, location and time. State your case to tthe Controller via Personal Comm (PM). ( If you fail to get the required ID data, bite the bullet, move on.) Disagree with the outcome of a PM diolog, bring it to The Forum let the Fly’s swarm. ( At some point an FAA style Dispute Resolution Structure will be established. In the interim cool your jets, all things come to those who wait!)
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