My phone is a Xperia XA1 Ultra, and usually the phone gets to High settings before 19.1 but it’s now struggling at Best.

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Can you tell us what exactly is occurring in example visual quality, lag, freezing? Have you deleted the app and reinstalled the update that way?

I keep getting Lag, it’s just laggy and too much giter. I have tried reinstall. Nothing changed expect for it working on Good. But that’s not how my device performances at max.

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It’s happening to me too.


Okay, lag can be the result of many things. You have some other options such as resetting your router on in WiFi, improving your WiFi signal strength by getting closer to the router or booster. As more users receive the update the community device thread from @Kirito_77 will be updated too.

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but this only started to happen when I installed the update

There are different types of “lag”.

  1. Input lag, where you tell the computer to do something and the time between the command and response is large or delayed
  2. Framerate lag, where the smoothness of an image onscreen is low, caused by a low frame per second rate (
  3. Connection lag, where the aircraft isn’t responding correctly to the server.
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Thanks for the report. I plan to repost my compatibility thread with updated graphics performance on the new settings. I have a similar device at home, I’ll give it a shot tomorrow and see if I have a different issues. If it comes to it, you may have to keep your graphics at best, and lower the rendering resolution to medium.


I noticed this too at first, have you tried changing the video settings? Sometimes limit frame rate is on?

Look what’s happening to me is the following, the game is running very slowly and only works right in the fast graphic

I am having lag too. It is the result of this update. This update has brought nothing but problems. Phone almost blew up and FPS was crazy low. Had no issues before hand

I made exact same post earlier Laggy game

Me too. Before I manage to play with High texture with Medium resolution settings. But now, device can only take “Fast” setting.

My device is Huawei Nova 3i.

How many people are experiencing this?


There’s some great feedback here and healthy discussions. Since 19.1 is the first release of 2019 I assure you that the developers will see this topic and we’ll see how they decipher everything. Compiling data and feedback from the community is vital to them.

Just some words of encouragement,

All, an exact number would be nice lol ;) just joking

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It is highly recommended to always keep Limit Framerate ON … having it off will kill your battery.


Did you have Antialiasing on before?

nope thats not true, its works better for me than pre-update,. if it doesn’t work good for you doesn’t mean its the same for everybody else,.

personally i keep my settings like this: texture: medium - rending: good, lag only happens at airport during taxi other than that no lag everything runs smooth for me,. Android 6 samsung tablet ^_^

No i didnt beforr the update