Resolution lower than before

Hello IFC,
The resolution for the cockpit and other aircraft has gone down far more than before, and I have not adjusted my settings at all,it was fine until the 20.1 update. I used to even read the checklist on the yoke in the 737 and now I can’t.
Device specs
iPad Pro 2018
Rendering quality and resolution both on high

This is how it looks now:

Hope this is solved

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Are you sure? That picture doesn’t look like the B737 cockpit - nor would the graphics of updated aircraft be that bad under the conditions that you had them in. What aircraft is the picture?

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I know that, that’s a 787 , it still looks lower than before though. It looks slightly blurred if that helps

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This happened with multiple aircraft including the 737, that’s why I made the topic, as it was not just one aircraft

Can you check your texture quality settings? You can’t change it mid flight though.


Oof, I’m en route from EGLL to VHHH, I’ll check that in the morning, this very well may be the answer, thanks

You were right, thanks for the help @Planey_Mcplaneface

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