Resolute Bay Glitch


I was planning on taking off from Resolute Bay. When I spawned in, I only had 50% fuel, so I tried to change it, but since Resolute Bay has no parking areas, I couldn’t refuel. I spawn in at a different airport, refueled, and spawned back in at Resolute Bay, however, my fuel was still at 50%. I checked the used fuel, and it says I used half of the fuel. What happened? How do I change this? I need to takeoff ASAP so please respond as soon as you can.



It seems as though (from what you’ve written) Resolute Bay’s airport within Infinite Flight hasn’t been edited. What you can do is taxi off the runway (yes, into the grass or ice) and change your fuel, taxi back onto the runway and takeoff.

Let us know how this goes!


It worked like a charm! Thanks for the advice!

No worries. Happy I could help. Have a great flight! :)

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