[Resloved] Live Server

[Resloved] Is the live server down it is red for me and not changing.

Nope fine here try to restart your flight… Also how stable is your internet connection?

I saw that I think it’s either your WiFi or something else

Hey Liam!

Quickly turn on Airplane mode for 30 seconds or less, and switch it off. It might or might not reconnect. If this won’t work, there isn’t as much we can do but to leave your flight unfortunately. 👍

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That works for weather does it work for internet connection to?

Did you perhaps leave the app and join back and then it started to appear red?

Yes I was.

It is not recommended to leave and join back. Never. Sometimes you may be lucky and carry on as normal but 99 percent of the time the game will either crash or you won’t be able to reconnect.

Here’s a comment from schyllberg regarding this on another thread:

I restarted my game and will try again

I’m sorry but I forgot to state, did you leave and join back during your flight?

Yes I slept