Resize Controls for Better Adjustability

please make the size of control buttons on Infinite Flight adjustable, thanks.
UPDATED 6/5/2016
The reason to do so is because everyone has different screen sizes, resolutions, and DPIs, “finger sizes”, etc. To make Infinite Flight easier to use, please consider, Thanks.


This is a cool idea!


Specially for the menu when you pause the flight in tablets.

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It would be great if you could make a custom layout.

Should make the end flight button small so people don’t exit accidentally 😂

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Yes end flight should not be right under calibrate!

Also be good if the size of the buttons whee made bigger again like in a previous version. Older eyes and small devices are not always a good mix…

HAHAHAH Older eyes…

Nice description 😂

Don’t need glasses for driving ( yet) but find that my arms are always not long enough to fly IF…

So it’s not with your eyes, but with your arms instead? Oo

Please consider, Thanks

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