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I have been reported 4 times since 2016 which is the date I entered infinite flight and made a subscription. There are times I had difficulties understanding how the game works and process. After 4 years experiencing infinite flight live, I learned how everything works and I realized all my mistakes that lead to me being reported by other. I would really appreciate if my reports get rested and start a new page to moving on to different grades.

Thank you for your time and attention.

Display username: Mohamed
Call sign: Qatari 208

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Hello, I don’t think your reports will ever been removed. Although, you can make a new IF account (not IFC) to reset your violations. However, you will also start from the beginning, Grade 1…

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I appreciate your reply, but I dont think it’s a good idea, because I have paid a lot of money for this account since the old version of infinite flight requires you to purchased aircrafts even after getting the live subscription. Secondly, I once got falsely reported by an air traffic Controller in Expert server; the case is still under investigation though.

Tell me, what’s the point of issuing reports out when later on people will simply “have their reports reset”?

Your four reports all occurred within 3 months of today. Not 3 years…


I am not pointing to everyone here, in my situation I was literally falsely reported and I provided evidences to one of the moderators.

There are 2 types of reports I’m here pointing on the long term report which is 2 years.

If you are in contact with a Moderator already let’s just keep it there. Otherwise you will still have access to the Training Server and Casual Server. As always, visit #tutorials and be sure to have a look at the loading screen quick tips.

Smooth Skies!

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