Reset for free camera?

I’ve had a search around, but couldn’t find the answer to this (probably simple) question…

How do I reset the free camera to it’s original position?

I love the free camera for grabbing screenshots in replay, and can move it around fine - I just can’t figure out a quick way to reset it and start again without reloading the replay.

Can anyone help?


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Oh this issue, I’ve experienced it and I currently don’t know any fix of it.
It bugs me quite a lot but unfortunately you will just have to re-load the replay for the time being.

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Switch to a different camera and then go back to the free camera. That should reset it.


That seems to work some of the time, but not every time for some reason?

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Hmm, its always worked for me.

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for me it never works?

You sure? You simply change camera and go back.

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Yep, I’m 100% sure.

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If you zoomed the free camera, you need to reload the replay to get it to the original position. Changing the camera wont work at this situation.

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Ive just tested it now, and all works fine even when zooming in, it always resets. What device do you use?

It happens on both my 5S and Nokia 8

I am using iPhone 6, and it doesnt work for me when zooming.

I have a spare iphone 6s, let me give it a try.

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I am also going to try it now.

Works perfectly fine.

Weird, my free camera is still zoomed after changing to any other camera.

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Oh yh, it does stay zoomed but you can simply unzoom. As for the location, it gets reset.


I can’t un-zoom, it stays zoomed.

Oh yes, a misunderstanding :) It gets to the original position after changing to other view.

I think this is what’s been happening, and caused the confusion. When it all goes a bit funky I can zoom out and find things again. Seems to zoom in to it’s maximum, and takes a lot of pinching to get back out. I think the position is in fact reset also.

Still feels a little inconsistent and glitchy though.

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