Reset "Flight time" after going back in time

Do you guys know when you are on solo and then.go into replay mode it does reset your flight time, It keeps counting.
I just want time to reset
For example, if I am on solo and I have been flying for five minutes I want to go back to the first minute I can but when I do it still shows 5 mins Flight time

I have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about.


Does this fit in #support:espanol or #support:francais… English only in features please…

seriously what do you mean


He wants to reset his flight time while he has 5mins of flight time. It’s like a stopwatch.

Kind of.

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Oh, he’s talking about the “Flight time” parameter in the Status Bar and how it doesn’t change when you mess around with Replay?


This is completely not understandable !

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Yeah most likely. He’s suggesting a feature to reset that.

That’s exactly what I am talking about but it is hard to explain
Sorry everyone

“I request that the “Flight time” parameter in the bottom bar of the screen is reset after using the replay mode. For example, if I have flown 50 mins and then replay my flight, it would have reset to 0 once I exit the replay”

Is an example of a way is suggesting this in coherent strings of letters.

Or do you mean your flight time resets if you use the replay function to go back in time?

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Sorry but i don’t see the point of this at all.

“Flight time” is parameter showing how long you’ve been in the air… Sure, the most logical thing were for it go backwards if you use Replay, rewind a while and then go “Live” from there.

But, i can’t figure out why anyone would care to be honest.
Please do enlighten me, why it should be changed?


I want the flight time to reset based onn how far I go back into the replay, but it doesn’t currently

I’m still trying to work out why you actually are bothering to request this. Tbh, who cares!?

Yeah that’s what they’re requesting. Don’t ask me why tho

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It sounds like you’re wanting the flight time to adjust backward/forward accordingly similar to a SMPTE time code. I could see the benefit of this if you’re trying to record and want to capture specific moments from your replay. I will not call this a bad idea. To this post no one here is clear as to exactly why you’d like this function. Please share what made you think of this?

SMPTE timecode layout

Image shared from
Not my image

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Ok, I go in to fly solo so I can train myself, then I watch the replay to see If I made any mistakes. If I see a mistake I will go live and retry.
I want to know how long I have been flying after I go back and retry something.
That is what I want this for

Hmm, I see how you’re using it but I doubt that many others practice with such detailed focus. Good on your for seeking perfection though. Perhaps I’m wrong and this is just the first I’ve heard of anyone doing what you’re doing.

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Thanks for the bug report - this isn’t suited for the #features category, but we can take a look at it :)