Reset Button

Have you ever done multi-leg flights in one session? I’ve done that and I find it annoying how you cannot reset the flight time. I thought of a solution that I think will benefit us all. Introducing a reset button. The reset button will basically reset the plane as if you were going into a new flight. Here’s the twist, instead of you ending your flight session and respawning back in minutes later, there’ll be a button that just says “Reset Flight.” What it will do is kind of work like flight resume. It will spawn you exactly where you are (and how you parked) and will just reset the plane as if you were starting a new flight. This is to make it easier and more realistic feeling if you are flying multi-leg flights. It’ll also make it easier to track on flight trackers as it’ll reset that as well instead of showing your full track. It will also keep your terrible parking alignments! 😂

I’m not sure if I understand what you’re proposing. How exactly does that differ from just leaving the flight, selecting the gate you parked at and respawning (other than your parking alignment) as we already do?

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Not even selecting the gate there’s a setting that already remembers what gate or ramp or whatever it was you last parked at


Why wouldn’t you just turn on the setting that sets your spawn point to the gate you were last at and leave? No point in staying in the flight.

It’s just a simpler method instead of leaving the flight. Lots of people like to do multi-leg flights and instead of just leaving each time it’ll just be easier to click reset and it’s as good as new in just a few seconds.

So, what exactly would it do? What problem is it trying to solve? If people leave the flight, the button is pointless, as there’s a setting that allows you to spawn exactly where you last parked (what you’re proposing with this button if I understand it correctly, but without having to click a button on every flight). But if people don’t leave the flight, the button also doesn’t seem to have a purpose because, well, the person never despawned.

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So essentially what I’m hearing is that it keeps your parking alignment and that is all?


Incorrect. It also will save your stats so in case your game crashes down the road.

I believe this also cause some spawning problems. What if someone spawns at the gate you “reset” and then you respawn on top of them


Resetting would be instantaneous so that won’t be an issue.

So does ending the flight lol

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Again, some people don’t want to end multi-leg flights. They find it easier to just continue going without ending the session.

As instantaneous as… not despawning to begin with?

Is the point of this request just so you can save your gate and FPL? That’s what I’m getting out of it

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Not exactly. Think about it as similar to flight resume. Only difference is that it’s on the ground and you cannot just do it whenever you want, you must be parked up at a gate in order to reset your flight.

Then I have great news for you: just enable the setting that saves the last gate you parked at!

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That’s not even how it works.

If you don’t like this idea, then don’t vote for it. If you’re interested in it, vote for it. If you’re on the fence about it then ask questions about it that haven’t yet been answered.

I’m asking you what’s the problem that feature is trying to solve, yet all you’ve told us can be solved just as easily, if not even more easily, with features already present in-game.

No. I get that you can go back to the main menu and respawn in but that’s not what I’m talking about. If you do that you have to reset everything all back up in terms of turning on the systems, etc. If you click the reset button here’s what it’ll do. It would in a way reset your position on third party flight trackers so you don’t have a crazy trail. It will reset the flight time back to 0 and keep your plane how it was exactly. Leaving the game and going back in doesn’t do this exactly. Some older 3D airports don’t have the best parking alignment in terms of how far back they park. If you do this, you can park it so you’re not about to run into the terminal building.