Researching Staff Members

Hello! I’m thinking of creating a VA. I need some staff members! There will be a total of 7 slots. Priority will be to TL3 and TL2s. Basic and New Users please wait until all slots are taken, for more slots to be availabe.

CEO: @PlanesForLife
Website Manager (CTO):
Route Manager: @The_Greatest_Basket
Pilots Manager: @Wren_Jago
Head Moderator and Developer: @jjt0909


@The_Greatest_Basket, I see your interested!

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You have a website?

It’s in the making as of now, nothing is official.

Ok, I would offer to make one for you, but it looks like you have one

Yep, but you can be the CTO? Shall I right you down?

I dunno if I can. I can make websites, but keeping them active isn’t my strong suit lol

Okay. Would you like any other position?

No, but thanks for the offer 😀

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Can I develope stuff

What do you mean, develop stuff?

Like make updates

Updates to what?

Later on in the va there needs updates

But what updates! To what!

The VA every va gets updates and upgrades

Oh, like the CTO … okay, I’ll switch you …

No I will explain when the va has been announced

But that’s what it is … VA 2.0 … etc …

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No don’t worry you got the wrong end of the stick

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