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I couldn’t find this information so I thought maybe some of you guys with more tools and knowledge could help me out. Did they used to be a Johannesburg to Santiago or Cape Town to Santiago route prior to this pandemic? Or from one of those two South African locations to an airport on the west coast of South America? I’m looking to do a realistic flight tonight to follow the ATC schedule and I am in route right now to Johannesburg.

There are no direct flights from Santiago to Africa.


The closest thing I could see is Sydney to Santiago or Auckland to Santiago. About that same length and a fun flight!

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It looks like the only route between South Africa and South America is LATAM’s Sao Paulo to Johannesburg flight.

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I flown Auckland to Santiago before, it is a nice flight. I try not to repeat though and for realism sake I only try to take off from the airport I just landed at. That’s my problem today. Well thanks guys

Yeah it looks like I’m just going to have to fly that and then fly from San Paulo to Santiago

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