Rescue mission

Is this a sign of things to come? A dev has crashed and is being rescued!

What do you mean? This post confused me. Why do you say a dev crashing would mean things to come?

Look at the picture or check live. Blue tbm is in the sea. Rescue plane circling around, just like in RL…

which sea is the plane in and in real life what

never mind i re read what you said i get it now

I’m not sure…
Maybe they’re doing testing for a new VA?
Or maybe they’re just playing around? I don’t know…

By the way, what location is this at? And what server? I was thinking about having a look at it myself on Liveflight.

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Folks, calm down, the devs always get followed, so if they crash (like we all do) obviously someone would orbit them…


Well, the rescue plane (securite civile livery) heading back to Madeira after having circled the crash site three times. Look like a rescue mission to me. And as Laura is involved, I guess it is linked to future features. Might get it all wrong though!

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