[Rescheduling]GAF Saturday Sortie presents the "The Hump" airlift @VECA 292000ZSEP18

Join the GAF for this weekends Saturday Sortie, as we challenge ourselves to take flight to new heights and climb new mountains literally. We take on the infamous and deadly “The HUMP” an famous airlift route used by the allies in World War Two during the Burma campaign in efforts to resupply Chinese forces who were staving off imperial Japanese army from overtaking mainland china and Taiwan. The Hump was the name given by the allied pilots that flew the route. The task was initially handed over to Army Air Forces Tenth AF but was ultimately given over to ATC or Air Transport Command due to AAF having little to no knowledge on airlift planning experience. Japan began blocking the original main route through Burma beginning from 1942 through August 1945. GAF will fly this historical route beginning and ending at Chabua, India (VECA) in honor and memoriam of this massive airlift operation. Please note that VECA is an undeveloped airfield so there is no parking. Simply spawn and exit the runway.

When 29 September 2018
Time: 2000Z 1:00pm PST 4: pm EST
Airport: VECA
Aircraft(s): C130 or Fighter escort
Server: Expert
Flight Plan: VECA, 2799E, ZPLJ, KMG, ZPPP, VYMK, VECA
Distance: 936nm
Altitude: 15,000MSL ; Speed: 300KIAS
Spacing: 7 to 10nm
Parking: (open) spawn and exit

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