(RESCHEDULED) GA Concord Fly out @ KCON - 031730ZMAY18

Server: Expert Server 1

Region: New England Area

Airport: KCON (Concord Municipal Airport)

Time: 1730Z
1:30PM EDT
12:30PM CDT
11:30AM MDT
10:30AM PST
7:30AM HST

NOTAM: Use only GA airplanes, since this is a General Aviation Event. No Commercial jets allowed. Biggest GA airplane allowed is the Cessna Citation X

Hello and welcome! I decided to do something a bit different today!
I normally do our VA events, but I decided to give some love by hosting a General Aviation Event!

As you can see, we’ll be flying out of a small Municipal Airport located in Concord, NH. But, instead of having a Destination like usual, You can fly wherever you desire out of KCON, whether it’s just a short hop to another state or a flight to Canada and Europe
You are in control of where you will fly. All you have to do is spawn in and fly to wherever you want. I want you to explore the many places New England has to offer.
Thanks, and I hope you join in!



GA 1: @Daniel_Cerritos
GA 2: @Trio
GA 3: @SlimeFlyer
GA 4: @DeltaMD88Fan (Cessna 172)
GA 5:


GA 6:
GA 7:
GA 8:
GA 9:
GA 10:
GA 11:
GA 12:
GA 13:
GA 14:
GA 15:
GA 16:
GA 17:
GA 18:
GA 19:
GA 20:
GA 21:
GA 22:
GA 23:
GA 24:
GA 25:
GA 26:
GA 27:
GA 28:
GA 29:


GA 30:
GA 31:
GA 32:
GA 33:
GA 34:
GA 35:
GA 36:
GA 37:
GA 38:
GA 39:
GA 40:
GA 41:
GA 42:
GA 43:
GA 44:
GA 45:
GA 46:
GA 47:
GA 48:
GA 49:
GA 50:
GA 51:
GA 52:
GA 53:
GA 54:
GA 55:
GA 56:
GA 57:
GA 58:
GA 59:
GA 60:
GA 61:
GA 62:
GA 63:
GA 64:
GA 65:
GA 66:
GA 67:
GA 68:
GA 69:
GA 70:
GA 71:
GA 72:
GA 73:
GA 74:


Hanger 1:
Hanger 2:


Bummer I can’t make it. I have school! Also you should make events at least one week before the event starts, so you can get more participants.

Yeah I have school too. Would of made it if it was on a weekend or something.

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Time Change to 2100Z!
New Times are:

Fly out in under half an hour at 5pm!
All spots still open, no one has joined yet. If no one joins, event will be cancelled once 5:00pm hits

10 Minutes remaining! No one has joined yet, still have time, otherwise this event will be cancelled

Due to no participants, this event has been cancelled


Bummer. Can you reschedule the event to take place in two weeks during the weekend? This way I will be able to Jon. Or you could make a new one out of KMHT 😉

I can’t really do weekends, since I work and have other stuff to do.

Lemme see my schedule…

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I have decided to reschedule this Event for May 3, 2018 at 1730Z

Here are the new times
1:30PM EDT
12:30PM CDT
11:30AM MDT
10:30AM PDT
8:30AM HST

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I’ll take a spot. :)

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Which spot would you like?

GA 2 sounds fine to me. 🙂

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Thanks for joining :). You now have GA 2

@Daniel_Cerritos I’ll have GA3. Will probably do some VFR flying!

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Thanks for joining! You’re now in! Hope to see you there soon :)


Ill take GA4 C172 :)


We still have A LOT of GA spots open! Two more weeks to go!

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Bummer I can’t make the new time :(

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Spots still available! Event is next week!