[Rescheduled] Bahamas Relief Event For Charity by UPSV, DLVA, & IFAE @KMIA 091800ZNOV19

The Event

UPS Virtual (UPSV), Delta Virtual Airlines (DLVA), and Infinite Flight Aviation Experts (IFAE) have teamed up to bring aid to those affected by Hurricane Dorian in The Bahamas. We will be making an impact in both the Infinite Flight world and in the real world as this event is also sponsored by a real-life fundraising organization. Join us as we fly aid from our main hubs at Worldport in Louisville, Kentucky, Atlanta International in Atlanta, Georgia, and Andrews Air Force Base, to those whose lives have been dramatically affected by the recent hurricane. This event will bring awareness to the natural disaster that is affecting those in the Northern Bahamas.

We also kindly ask for donations to the Global Empowerment Mission, a non-profit organization which is serving as one of the main helpers in bringing much needed aid and assistance to those that were affected by Hurricane Dorian. More information on their goals and their organization can be found by following the link listed below, where you can also donate:

Any members in the Infinite Flight Community who provide proof of financial contribution will receive special recognition in the dropdown menu below. A screenshot of the received donation may be sent to UPS Virtual in a private message. Help us out by helping the Bahamians out! Thank you in advance for your important gift.

List of Donors


The Missions

This event is open to the public! If you want to aide in the relief effort, reserve your spot with either UPS Virtual or Delta Virtual Airlines, and check your gate assignment! Reservations can be made as a comment under this thread. UPSV flights will be departing as a group from our Worldport hub and will be met mid-flight by DLVA and IFAE as they depart from their respective airports. Please check departure times for each Virtual Airline below, as UPSV will be departing first. We will be trying to move approximately 2,200,000 pounds of relief supplies for those in the Bahamas - a HUGE amount that we feel is very doable given the three amazing Virtual Airlines and Virtual Organizations that have come together for this event and with the help we hope to get from the Infinite Flight Community.

Keep in mind, gate assignments and departure times are likely to change! We encourage you to return to this thread daily to update yourselves on changes. A private message including those who have signed up will be started prior to the start of the event.

Relief Being Transported
  • 10,000 mattresses – 450,000 pounds

  • 700,000 thousand pounds of aid such as water, food and other necessary supplies

  • 3,000 generators – 750,000 pounds

  • 75 doctors – 13,500 pounds

  • 10,000 first aid kits – 30,000 pounds

  • 15,000 bathroom kits – 75,000 pounds

  • 50,000 pounds of baby products

  • 100,000 pounds of misc. supplies including cleaning supplies, toiletries, sunscreen, bug repellant, batteries, etc.

UPSVIRTUALLOGO UPSV Departure Information

Server: Expert

Airport: KSDF

Date & Time: 091800ZNOV19

Aircraft: McDonnell Douglas MD-11F

Speed & Altitude: M0.82/FL370

Estimated Flight Time: 1 Hour, 45 Minutes

NOTAMS: Flight Plan Available from Group Leader

Gate Assignments

More Gates are Available if Needed!

image DLVA Departure Information

Server: Expert

Airport: KATL

Date & Time: 091830ZNOV19

Aircraft: Airbus A321-200

Speed & Altitude: M0.78/FL370

Estimated Flight Time: 1 Hour, 20 Minutes

NOTAMS: Flight Plan Available from Group Leader

Gate Assignments
  • Gate A01: @mrmrman
  • Gate A02: @anon2063420
  • Gate A03: @Alex_Kyte
  • Gate A04:
  • Gate A05:
  • Gate A06:
  • Gate A07:
  • Gate A08:
  • Gate A09:
  • Gate A10:
  • Gate A11:
  • Gate A12:
  • Gate A13:
  • Gate A14:
  • Gate A15:
  • Gate A16:
  • Gate A17:
  • Gate A18:
  • Gate A19:
  • Gate A20:
  • Gate A21:
  • Gate A22:
  • Gate A23:
  • Gate A24:
  • Gate A25:

More Gates are Available if Needed!

image_from_ios%20(1) IFAE Departure Information

Server: Expert

Airport: KADW

Date & Time: 051745ZOCT19

Aircraft: Lockheed Martin C-130 Hercules

NOTAMS: Sorry! Reserved for IFAE Members Only!

Event Partners

64224372_2322228624486554_4960256292691141733_n a04e2927c858c6cfc1bd746c19f905d0cb318ae8 image_from_ios%20(2)

Interested in learning more about any of the event partners? Want to apply as a pilot for one of the groups? There’s always room for more! Check out the descriptions below, or click on the images above to be redirected to their respective Official Threads/Websites.

UPS Virtual

Imagine flying the Infinite Flight skies for a prestigious virtual airline that cares about the quality of its members’ experiences. One that puts an emphasis on a great comradery between its professional and experienced pilots. An airline that prides itself on its level of realism, professionalism and overall reputation. That virtual airline is UPS Virtual. At UPS Virtual we understand the importance of making flying fun, easy, and rewarding. There are no routes to unlock and all of our cargo aircraft are available to you as soon as you qualify to fly under the UPSV callsign. Our goal is to motivate you to fly while becoming a part of our UPS family. Who said moving cargo couldn’t be fun?

Check out UPSV’s Thread!

Delta Virtual Airlines

Delta Virtual was officially recognized as a certified Virtual Airline by the IFVARB on December 26, 2016 under the guidance of our former CEO, @anon2063420. In over two years of service, we have grown to be one of the largest VA’s on Infinite Flight. This number does not come without quality as we hold a very high standard of professionalism both on the IFC, the VA Community, and on the IF Live Servers. Behind the backing of an agreement with the real-world Delta Airlines, Delta Virtual has changed the VA game with a state-of-the-art website that is unlike any other on the IFC, custom built from the ground up, which provides the support for over 175 members within a VA that has logged more flights, more flying miles, and more flying time than any other VA, hands down. Join Delta Virtual today!

Check out DLVA’s Website!

Infinite Flight Aviation Experts

The Infinite Flight Aviation Experts Group is Infinite Flight’s leading Virtual Organization. For 3.5 years, integrity, respect and professionalism has been our guiding principles. Coupled with a career and mission based flight system covering airlines, general aviation, and the largest virtual military, IFAE is the home of the global ultra-realistic experience. Ready to make the upper limit of the sky your new standard? Send us a message with any inquiries.

Check out IFAE’s Thread!

Special Thanks!

We would like to extend a warm “Thank You” to @karl_iszler, who sparked the inspiration for this charity-driven event, and to @Koby_Thomas, who created the event thread.

We’d also like to extend a special “Thank You” to LAND Leather for their help sponsoring this event. LAND Leather is a high-quality designer specializing in leather accessories. To assist with the disaster relief efforts, LAND Leather is donating 10% of all of their sales through the end of the year. Thank you for all of your help and for your charitable work!


*The Virtual Airlines and Virtual Organizations listed in the article above are simulated, fictional creations intended for use by a special interest group within the Infinite Flight Community and in no way represent the actions, opinions, or ideas of their real-world counterparts. Any and all logos, rights, intellectual property, and copyrighted materials associated with their respective airlines belong to their respective owners.

This event was rescheduled as it was impacted during the server outage some weeks ago. The date has changed but everything else has remained the same. However, Daylight Savings Time is now a factor so please plan accordingly. Departure times are the same Zulu time as before but note that it may be an hour earlier local time if your area observes DST. If you attended the first event, we would like to thank you for your support and hope to see you sign up as we retry this for an awesome cause. Thank you all!


I’ll take a spot.

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Gate please!!

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Gate 202 is mine heeeheheheheh

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You got it, Pres!

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You got 203! Someone beat ya by a minute. :)

@Shrek1 @anon41771314 you’re both good to go.

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Looking forward to this again!

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Could I grab Cargo 204 please

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Ill take a gate for DLVA. DLVA67

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I’ll take a DLVA gate please. DLVA1095.

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Looking forward from the IFAE side! :)

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May I have Cargo 204? Or any available cargo gate? Thanks.

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Everyone’s sitting pretty with their gate assignments!


Let’s get these sign ups going. We had a ton the first time around and we are looking to have even more this time.

I’ll have any cargo gate please ,USPV167

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You’re good to go! See you at the event.

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You can take me off the list as I unfortunately won’t be able to attend this event.

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