Requirements to become IFATC

Hello everyone,

I was wondering what are the requirements to become an IFATC because I found this topic but it is a bit old, just wondering if the requirements have changed, thanks!

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Thank you! I’m guessing that they haven’t changed then.

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Here is the correct and updated topic regarding ATC recruiting:

Ignore my first reply. I thought the topic you linked was the new one :(


Thank you, I couldn’t find a new one you helped me a lot.

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No problem. Useful information for every single category in the forum can be found in the pinned topics on top of each category. It’s where I found the topic I linked above too.

Have a great day!


Yup, nothing much has changed.

The topic is indeed a little older than it is, but the system still works perfectly when recruiting new people with the requirements shown.

I am thinking on become one when I’ll be back from holidays. 👍


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