Requirements for different trust levels

I have recently seen some posts asking about the requirements to reach a new trust level but no real answer was given. (NB: These are estimates from sources available to me and may be incorrect)

  • TL0 (New User): Register on the forums

  • TL1 (Basic User): Read 5 topics, read 30 posts and have a read time of 30 minutes

  • TL2 (Member): Visit for 30 days (does NOT need to be in a row), like something, receive a like from someone, reply to 3 different topics, enter at least 20 topics, read at least 100 posts and have a read time of 1 hour (60 minutes)

  • TL3 (Regular) In the last 90 days you must have logged in 67% of those days, replied to at least 10 topics, must have viewed 500 topics, must have read 20000 of posts created in the last 90 days, must have received 60 likes (From 15 unique users over 20 unique days) and sent 30 likes, most not have been flagged more than 2 times, most not have been suspended. (Don’t forget you can lose TL4 by not meeting these standards)

  • TL4 (Leader) Leader can only be obtained by manual promotion.

Sources:, what I have noted and help from other users! (Thank you!)

(The article notes the default values to reach new trust levels, I know that you need 30 days to go from TL1 to TL2 on this forum, but confirmation will be needed for the other values)

I apologise if this is a duplicate but I could not find anything like this after searching, I only found people asking and that is the reason this topic was created. I hope I helped.


Ok, cool, thanks🙂👍👌

You’re not actually meant to ask mods for the stats I think they stopped doing that recently so Singapore airlines must have gotten lucky when he asked or did it before the change.

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Ok, thanks for the update!👍

That is why I wanted to make this post, so people would stop asking mods (hopefully).


Yeah i was talking to the people above. This post is very useful though


Glad you think so!

If you have any information for me regarding the values (especially if I have any incorrect) feel free to let me know!

I never really looked at the stats I was just active and it came to me.

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Just try not to get flagged because I believe it takes 90 days for them to reset. Maybe add that in

You have to ask a mod, but I believe this isn’t encouraged.


As said above he got it from a mod. But you can no longer do that I believe

Let’s hope I don’t get flagged :/

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Thanks for the info, much appreciated @CryticalAce :)

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No worries, @Louis, if you see anything I need to change let me know!

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Don’t ask us for requirements because we won’t give them to you. We stopped sending users their requirements because it allowed them to “farm” trust levels, regular specifically. This isn’t something we want; trust levels should be earned by making positive contributions as opposed to purposely completing tasks to level up.

Anyway, these requirements are incorrect and will only confuse people because they won’t reach said trust level when they’ve completed the above requirements.