Requirements for becoming an Aircraft engineer?

I tried to find some information about this online, but I couldn’t find a straight-forward answer. Is it a fun job? Is it worth it? I’m thinking about becoming one.

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Very tough business my friend and hard to get work. Thought it’s very good experience and pay.

You have to study aeronautical engineering and other engineering areas.

My uncle is the manage for Air North and is an aeronautical engineer. Rarely at home and is very busy. Don’t mean to pop any dreams. It would be a fantastic job to have though.

The whole airline business is tough mate.

Personally I would love to study aeronautical engineering.


It really depends on what type of engineering you want to do. Everything in aerospace is broken down into systems. Some systems are more fun than others, but it is all a matter of perspective and personal opinion.

I have really enjoyed my career as an engineer, but I was lucky to get into a system that is rewarding and challenges me to grow.


It’s a down right tough game that’s for sure ;).

There are lots of opportunities with aviation engineering, whether it’s for NASA or some Cessna repair garage.

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