"Required XP: 0" - why?

This is not really an feature request, more like a request to remove a “feature”. Soo, bear with me.

But why is the “Required XP: 0” still there? As they’re all on “0”. It makes no sense for them to exist. I understand there was a plan for that initially, but that it was scrapped.
And yeah, i know… It’s just one line of text. But still :)


I get that it’s not a big deal, and it isn’t. But why have something that’s never supposed to be used? :)



I’ve always wondered this. I don’t think it will be used because people pay for planes. It’s unfair if they can’t use them.


It is How many XP you need so you can use this, it have number for the New ppl in live

That opinion has nothing to do with this, at all.

That’s true about airports. But not for aircrafts.

Airports have restrictions

You start out with 0 xp so what’s the point?

So you need X Amount of XP to unlock higher class Airports, Can 777 Use Class Delta airports? OFC no!, so to fly an Airplane that use high Class Airport, you need to have an amount of XP to unlock a higher airport Class.
Ps the Required XP decrease when ur actual XP increase
That is the answer.
PS Class is Delta, Charlie and bravo airports .

I don’t think you get it. For airports there is a restriction in the beginning for Live, yes. Which only apply to Bravos actually. But for aircrafts there are no restriction. Therefore my post.

What is there for you to debate really?

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Yes but the xp is for airspace not planes, people need planes for solo, while in live they just can’t enter certain airspace.

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Can a 777 fly in Class Delta?

No, but that have absolutely nothing to do with this.

They do, when you can’t use Class Bravo airports, you cant fly certain planes

No, you will get violations from hell if you land a 777 at a Delta.

But still, this thing you’re talking about is irrelevant and has nothing to do with this.

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XP is for airspace. You are talking about size of airplanes. they don’t have a required xp on the planes because they buy the plane, so they should get it. You may not be able to fly it anywhere but you still get it for solo.