Required landings for level 5

Can someone explain to me how I got bumped down to level 4 after a 14 day absence?
Before I left, I was level 5 with about 3 of the required landings above the 90 day minimum.
After returning, I’m now short 29 landings.
How did I get short on landings so quickly?

You did 32 landings 91 days ago that fell off the counter on the other end.

Feel free to post your story here, I suffered the same pain dropping from grade 4 to 3.

Simple maths. As soon as a landing (or 20) were more than 90 days ago, they drop off your total.

In short, you did about 29 landings in a 14 day period, and that 14 day period is now more than 90 days ago.

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Yeah now it makes sense. Didn’t occur to me about doing multiple landings in a 24 her period.
Thanks a lot

I need 25 landings now. Going to take a long time to knock them out. So bummed

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Next question: If will get credit for each landing while doing touch and goes at a uncontrolled airfield?
I did 3 touch and goes at KSMO but I’m only seeing credit for one. What gives?

25 landings take about 25 minutes in a Spitfire.
It’s fine on uncontrolled airports as long as it’s on Live.
Main gear has to be on the runway to count as a landing.

With the recent updates, sometimes it appears to take a few mins to update your totals. If you close the app and completely restart it sometimes it’s updated your numbers. Mine don’t seem to instantly add to my total after each session.

Thank you all very much.

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