Required IFR cross country flight planning | Beechcraft B36TC Canceled

Flight planning is so much more then picking points on a map. Tomorrow I will be going on my cross country requirement for my IFR certificate. More then 250 NM, and 3 different types of approaches with a filed IFR flight plan.


I will be completing this in a plane I have never flown before adding to the challenge, but one I gladly accept. I will be traveling in a Beechcraft B36TC. Registration N78BC if you want to to take it.

I started out my flight planning for tomorrow after work in the hanger looking over the plane, and making sure it was just so. Windows cleaned oil checked, tires aired, and topped off with gas. I then proceeded to dive into the POH Pilots Operating Handbook The first thing I did was go over the performance charts.


These little guys are your best friend when it comes to planning. This is where you get your climb data. For me that’s 120 KIAS. 31 in manifold pressure at 2600 RPM. Which will give me a 1000 FPM Climb rate reaching cruising altitude in a little under 10 minutes.

Next we go into our cruise which is 155 KIAS 28 in manifold pressure, at 2300 RPM. Then our descent which is also 155 KIAS 23 in of manifold pressure, at 2300 RPM.

Once we had all this data together we could figure out our TAS, and Ground speeds. Then where able to file our flight plan know exactly how long it will take, and how much fuel we will use in the process.

Next I needed to learn my V speeds. Since I haven’t flown this before essential V speeds include.

  • VX
  • VY
  • VBG
  • VFE
  • VLE
  • VNE
  • VA

Once I had those down it was time to go over procedures Normal, and emergency.

  • Before take off Checklist
  • Take off Checklist
  • Cruise
  • Descent
  • Approach
  • Landing
  • Emergency gear extend
  • Emergency descent
  • Emergency landing

Then last but not least we needed to do our weight and balance to make sure we where within our CG with full fuel, and only 2 passengers onboard.

This was only a glimpse into a proper flight planning procedure don’t take it lightly.


You go Man!

Best of luck to you!


Best of luck enjoy your flight and have fun in the sky

Best of luck Brandon! :)

Good luck, let us know how ya make out.

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Ah, the good 'ole CRP 5 ‘wizz wheel’, I remember it well!

Enjoy it, now days all I do is press ‘request flight plan’. :( ;)

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Good luck! Oh yeah theres that flight computer I love very much. Quick question don’t you have to wear those weird glasses for your IFR rating?

Yes you have to wear the floggles or a hood for IFR

Well even with all that planning the plane decided to give us fits. The flaps wouldn’t retract after pre flight leaving us to cancel the flight.

Good luck Brandon! Rooting for you. I think I watched someone fly that approach in a random youtube video oddly enough. I’m going to go try to find it.

Edit: Wrong airports, never mind. Similar flight plan shape, if that makes any sense.

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Hopefully you reschedule for soon. What type of approaches are you planning to fly?

I was planning a VOR, ILS, and a RNAV. Not sure what I’ll do next time lol.

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