Everyone is requesting a new jet all the time and this and that about jets. Let’s think about it. we already have a massive list of amazing aircraft to choose from and yes there are some props and we have landing lights but why don’t we work on voting for more stuff like landing lights that illuminate the ground so we can taxi at night and see where we are going. Let vote for the tire smoke and little things ya know. Let’s try and give the developers a break from putting new aircraft in the sim and the countless hour it takes to test them let’s let them enjoy the sim they work so hard on. Would also love to see more island jumping planes later down there road
This will probably get deleted like all my other stuff so it doesn’t matter.

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It’s everyones choice what they would like, just because they vote on it doesn’t mean it will come to the sim. Ultimately the devs will decide what’s best.

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I’m pretty sure that as a dev you would love to work with developing and improving whatever the fanbase requests but it’s up them to choose what they’ll prioritize. And landing light + tire smoke doesn’t mean we’re giving them a break, they still have to work hard to achieve those results they’re looking for.

Everything you have mentioned is already available for voting in the #features category. Just search for them. Yes people seem to be focused on planes but there are other features that have high numbers of votes. Sometimes some things need to be developed before others.

I appreciate the effort to encourage others to look at the non aircraft features.

Also if you have questions on why a post was deleted, feel free to reach out to a moderator.


Oh trust me i understand people act like the massive line up of jets they already have isn’t good enough just putting it out there

Closing as there’s nothing more that can be said.