Requests To Contact An Approach Frequency At Different Times

When I’m flying for fun on ATC Playground, there are approach frequencies available. Right After I pushback I get a request to contact the approach frequency, I ignore it since I’m on the ground. Then I get the request about five more times, then I’m in the air and I contact the approach frequency. Also, when I’m on one side of a region I get a request to contact an approach frequency that is on the other side of the region, and I’m not even flying to that airport, or flying by it. This can also happen to me when I’m tuned to a different approach frequency on the other side of the region that the approach frequency in the region. This has been bugging me a lot and I was wondering if the developers could find a way to make it stop. Thanks for reading this.

Northwest Airlines Rocks! :airplane:

From another post about ATCs “harassing” pilots with on guard messages:

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It happened on Playground and Advanced

It means IF may need a layer of map to define control sectors.
Especially there is no way to coordinate with other sectors, it’s very easy to confuse pilots whom they should contact.