Requests to Close Topics

I have notice recently that multiple posts are being requested to be closed for unnecessary reasons. Some have gone so far as to flag a topic to request it be closed on behalf of the original poster.

As moderators, we will decide what will be closed and what will stay open. If there is no issue, don’t ask for it to be closed! This includes topics such as questions about specific airports that are then answered, questions about devices and so forth.

We will only close topics due to reasons such as:

  • Arguments
  • Duplicates
  • Deliberately antagonising topics
  • Expert Server complaints

… And so forth. Therefore please only bring to our attention posts that breach the forum rules and guidelines.



I love it even more when people flag the welcome message when you join the forum


Soon the system is going to lose the regular status


Sorry I flagged something that I thought was duplicate. I see posts like that getting closed 😁😬

Yup, or when the discussion turns against the OP, I love it when the topic suddenly gets closed.

I have seen this quite often lately, please read this:)


Sorry for asking my topic to get closed•it was probably the reason this post was put up again lol

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Seeing this quite often lately.

I thought that this topic was new. Then I realize that this is over a year old!


@Carson - might be an idea to update the original post then, as some of it isn’t really what you guys do these days. For example, not closing topics in #support once they’ve been solved.


I agree with what your saying, but I think if the topics are not closed “especially when a staff member solves the problem” then I guess it should remain open. Basically, a solved problem that is not closed shouldn’t be closed due to whatever reason.


Not to sound harsh, but there’s nothing to agree or disagree with here. I was just stating a fact, which Carson then corrected in the first post.

As it is right now, Mark & Tyler closes the topics right after it’s been resolved. Which i think is the correct way to go. But that’s another discussion.


Can i say a big lol ? Herf, i don’t want to rediscuss about that… Just here to notice my jugement take end.

Fairy sure google translate is talking there


I flag my posts, because every time i make it one way or another someone picks a fight and goes completely off topic, when you are talking about ATC then someone start bashing on boeing or airbus 🙄


The less garbage the better I say. just my opinion.

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Agreed. I’ve been trying to get rid of @Carson for ages


Cool, I like this one:-)