Requesting VOR Approaches

How do I request VOR approaches? I have been looking for quite a while…

Radar Vectors or GPS principally (based on one of my favourite approaches. Also correct me if Im wrong)

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Could you elaborate on that please?

Every VOR approach is non-precision, meaning there is no vertical guidance signal from the VOR . On a VOR approach , you need to manage your descent and altitude manually.

Radar vectors essentially gives you the same thing, a non precision based approach. You will need to control your own Altitude and heading once handed off to Tower.

I would think that you’d have to request it as a visual approach - at airports that don’t have an ILS or GPS approach. Or you could tune in to Approach and “request radar vectors” to the airport.

For others, I would suggest requesting an ILS approach and flying it localizer-only.

But the Radar controller just vector you in and then Hand-off to TWR Without any clearence, which it converts in a visual approach made with TWR (Pattern Entry, sequence (if required) and clearence)

True, therefore the only other way to do it would be through radar vectors.

IF doesn’t have a “request VOR approach” as of now…

Also, you could technically treat this like a VOR circling approach, when you’re down to minimums, depending on the direction you’re coming from.

Ok, we have a experimented IF controller typing, maybe he can help you @HarryH1

@HarryH1,The best way to do a VOR approach will be to do a GPS approach. Find out if the airport you’re flying into has an approach procedure beginning with the prefix ‘S’ or ‘D’ or ‘Q’. These three procedures are the VOR,VOR/DME approach procedures. More info on these can be found out in section 6.8.9 here :-


Not necessarily. RV can also be given to a location where aircraft can intercept the instrument approach at their discretion.

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