Requesting volunteers

I am requesting volunteers to help me take a new cover photo for my profile. This photo will be of a group of us flying in formation while doing aerobatics. I will be using a 747 and I need people to fly with me in fighter jets or passenger jets, whatever you choose. If you are interested, please reply or message me so we will set up a time.

You MUST be experienced at aerobatics and be highly skilled.

Staff/moderators are welcome to join

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You can make a post for this in #live:groupflights, please adhere to the rules though.

its not a group flight its a recruitment post

Are you wanting to fly in a group?

I would be glad to help until I saw this:

Well then this is off the fun list for me, I hope it goes well for you!

ok never mind you can still join, I will just give some basic tips to the entire group before the flight about how to do controlled aerobatics

wait when is this

Please post in #live:groupflights

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there is no date i am just recruiting anyone who is interested and we will discuss it in messages. this is not a public “group flight”

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Why did you post it publicaly if it isnt a public group flight?

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ok that works with me Thanks, I hope I can help you in some way!

Continue this discussion in PM.

And Nick, please, I beg of you, don’t use gold bars in your profile pic again. Off-brand Lowe’s yellow paint is not healthy for this forum.