Requesting VFR, Any Runway

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I’ve watched the tutorial but I’m still a bit confused about how to proceed when an incoming aircraft comes up on Approach and requests to go “VFR, any runway”. Is the controller then to just let them do their own thing from that point forward, and only intervene if necessary?


This is for approach correct? If they are asking for a visual approach, you will guide them into the pattern and then the pilot will report “Airport insight” at which point you will hand them off to tower and tower will sequence and land them, from my understanding.

Yes, Approach. So what would happen if they were to request a VFR approach to a specific runway which you’re not using for the pattern?

Then you would most likely give them a visual approach to the correct runway, I’m assuming that they did it to the opposite runway, so I will use KSAN as an example. Someone requests runway 27, but 9 is in use. You will say, “Expect vectors for the visual approach runway 09” and then you will just simply guide them into a runway 9 landing instead of 27.

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Thank you! Appreciate the help.

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